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The #1 Trusted Fly Fishing App

What Sets Us Apart

As anglers ourselves, we’re no strangers to the challenges the sport presents.  We have spent nearly 4,000 hours to date researching and developing this tool to help you quickly identify new water to fish, and also grow your connections in the world of fly fishing. At the end of the day, if used to its full potential, it will undoubtedly help you explore a ton of new water and catch more fish. We are dedicated to bringing you more success on the water and will continue improving the app.

Our Team

We’re a small crew but passionate about the sport of fly fishing and bringing a useful tool to market.

andrew boeddeker founder of FlyFishFinder

Andrew Boeddeker

Founder & CEO

As a native of southern Minnesota, Andrew began his fly-fishing journey like many other anglers, catching bass and panfish with a spin rod. Ever since a college buddy introduced him to the fly rod, he’s been addicted. Over the past eight years, Andrew’s spent most of his time fly fishing the Driftless area’s small streams for trout. During his quest to learn more about fly fishing, where to fish, and how to connect with other anglers, the concept of the FlyFishFinder app began.
He still lives in Minnesota, is a husband, father of three beautiful daughters, and now founder and CEO of FlyFishFinder. When he’s not doing dad duties, trout fishing or working, he can be found untangling line from an 8-weight in search for bass and carp. Feel free to contact Andrew at

brett downs flyfishfinder

Brett Downs

Social Media lead

A native of Colorado Springs, CO Brett has been blessed to fish some of the top fly fishing waters in the country. Currently he is pursuing a business major from the University of Montana in Missoula, and between classes and work he finds himself exploring the many types of streams and mountain lakes that Montana has to offer. He has a sincere love for the sport and enjoys taking friends out for a first time experience on the water. He has a knack with the camera and always seems to find a little bit bigger fish with each adventure. Despite his age, he ties flies like he’s been at it for decades, no joke!


Quincy Milton

biologist and conservation lead

Quincy Milton holds an MS in Biology and leads our conservation efforts. He was born and raised on the West coast and recently made the move to New England for college and work. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, Quincy was constantly involved in trout and steelhead fishing the North West’s best rivers. After moving out to New England, Quincy was introduced to the productivity of northeastern Atlantic waters, specifically for striped bass. Additionally, Quincy has a passion for conservation and ocean preservation that is manifested in his biology degree. He has grown to have an extensive knowledge of fish biology and behavior through the hobby of fly fishing and by trade. Quincy is looking forward to sharing that knowledge with others who may benefit from it.