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Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack Gear Review

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Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack review

Review by Brett Downs, Avid Angler and Outdoor Photographer

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack Gear Review

With many fried phones and soaking dollars, waterproof storage has been
essential for anglers across the world. The newly redesigned Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack
line from Simms is something required for any angler that doesn’t enjoy wet gear.


The new Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack retails at $299.95. For the pack you get a top notch
waterproof feature showing great durability to date, with many outings with it over the past few months. This pack is showing signs of longevity and is a great price for what you get. Paying $300 you do receive a product worth the value and will make your money last. Along with the Simms product warranty the bag will be fixed free of charge if it is a maker defect and can be repaired or replaced.


● Waterproof
● Smooth Self Healing Zipper System
● Durable 420D Nylon Double Ripstop
with TPU coating
● Water bottle & Rod Carriers
● Useful removable waist belt
● Large storage pocket


● Zipper can require lubrication and
● Backpack attachments and
are expensive
● Expensive investment
● Only offered in Steel Gray Color

The Redesign

The new Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack from Simms corrects almost every issue coming from the
previous bag. With the new cinch water bottle or rod pockets located on either side of
the bag, and a new multi pocket interior storage with a zipper increases the packs storage
size with almost no overall backpack size increase. Another major aspect and correction
from the original line of dry creek bags is the new removable waist belt for long trips and
wade missions saving your shoulders from discomfort. A huge downside of the previous
pack came major shoulder and trap pain with the uncomfortable weight bearing straps,
with no feature to take the stress off your shoulders. The new waist strap and chest cinch
is a major solution that has almost extinguished the issue. The Simms Dry Creek Z
Backpack also offers an extremely convenient net sleeve in the front of the bag for
handless net carry and an exterior water resistant pocket for small items. With the most
important large main pocket able to carry almost every fishing essential.

Rain Pack by Simms

Personal Review

Being on the water with the pack has been an absolute necessity. Carrying and
storing my important items such as wallet, phone, and fishing license. Perfect for the
smaller items but most crucially, my camera and photography gear. Being on the water
carrying expensive and valuable items, where one wrong step and slip can mean a $4,500
debt is frightening and risky. Having the Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack has turned that from a fear
into an advantage on the water. Being able to cross in deep sections and even swimming
in wet wading season without risking my gear getting ruined has let me diversify my
fishing and create amazing content.

Simms Dry Creek Z offers a ton of versatility, and is a year round pack

One major con that came with the older model bag was the zipper being
ineffective and unusable. Not being able to fully close and seal the bag in wet conditions is an obvious con, and also in a previous pack, the zipper ripping out was a frustrating situation. In my experience with the new backpack the zipper is flush, closes smoothly making a perfect seal and not straining your arm in order to close it. With that issue being solved I couldn’t be happier with the bag and its features. I’m
able to go long distances traversing rivers or hiking to alpine lakes. The redesigned bag is
comfortable and stores my rods, reels, fly boxes, leader and tippet, and even camera gear.
With such large storage I am able to have everything I need on my back and on the water
no matter how far I am from the truck trusting it’s safe and going to handle the elements.
I couldn’t recommend the bag more for anyone who fishes with equipment that can’t get
wet and also just looking for an overall amazing fishing backpack.

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