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Please, before offering a negative review consider reaching out below to our team or emailing Andrew directly (email below). We have dedicated a significant amount of time the past 3+ years developing this business (in addition to our day jobs). It has been anything but easy.  A Negative Review on the App Store can be detrimental to the business and progress toward future enhancements. We are continuously working to improve the App to provide you the best fly fishing app experience out there, and we encourage your feedback! We take time to personally look through each recommendation. We may already be working to improve a particular aspect or can add it to the growing list. We are a very small team and do not have the resources of a large company. Thanks for your continued support and understanding!

Your FFF team,


We value our users feedback so please get in touch and share your thoughts below. Additional feature requests are welcomed, along with constructive feedback on potential improvements.


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