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The #1 Rated Multi Species Fly Fishing App

Whether brand new or a veteran to the sport of fly fishing,
our app is built loaded with features to get you exploring
new stretches of water and putting more fish to net,
all while growing your network of anglers.

Discover Detailed Fly Fishing Maps Near You

Get it for Android, iOS and Desktop

The INdustry’s only in-app fly Community

Scan the map and find anglers where you want to fish

Angler Bios and In-App Realtime Chat

Extensive Mapping Project

All 50 states have some coverage now

Nationwide Stream Layer

Fly Fishing is more than just trout

Multi-Species Focus

From alpine lakes to tiny creeks. We have now mapped every single perennial river in the nation. Over 17,000 designated trout streams and counting highlighted for you. Quickly discover new fishing opportunities across the country or right in your backyard.

fly fishing maps

Nationwide Public Lands

Navigate Public Water Easily

Over 400 Million Acres

Every parcel of ‘Open Access’ public land has been mapped. Tap over areas of interest to get more detailed information for that specific spot. Geolocate on the mobile app to know exactly where you are in relation to water you’re fishing. Every DNR marked stream easement section included (primarily Midwest designation).

Points of Interest

Filter And Find What Matters Most

2 Million+ Points of Interest

We now have some data in all 50 states, though full state data includes MN, WI, TN, PA, IA, MI, SD, ID and WA to date.

Other Noteworthy Filters:
Bridge Access Points
Trail Access Points
Boat Launches
Nationwide Hiking and Multi-Use Trails Layer
DNR Top Rated Access Points

Species Filtering

fly fishing maps

Take Guesswork Out Of It

Get Precise With Planning

One of our most requested features. Anglers prefer to plan around what they are targeting that particular day. While it’s impossible to nail down every fish in a body of water, we rely on authoritative data sources and local resources to map fish. From brook trout and cutthroat up to rod benders like steelhead and bass, we’ve got you covered.

Build your Community

Access local knowledge anytime, anywhere

Built Around the strong Angler Community

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide everywhere you fish, without the cost? Access laws are always changing, and no single app can keep up with all these updates. Finding legal access is tough and finding fish even tougher. Building your angler network is key in finding more success on the water and staying out of off limit areas.


Filter down to the best

Properietary stream ratings

We’ve built out a rating system to filter down to the best waters in terms of accessibility. This is a useful filter if you are running short on time and want to hone in on key stretches with great access. The app also allows you to filter on Wild trout fisheries and Class I trout streams as classified by local DNR agencies.

Stream Gages

Over 9,000 Gages

Realtime Stream Gages and Averages

Get the latest streamflow data right in the app with realtime streamflow rates and water levels. Compare to running averages to get a sense of how well the water may be fishing right now.


Save Your Favorites

Personalize your App

Mark personal waypoints and save to your favorites list for you, and you only to see. If you want to help fellow anglers by marking obstructions, dangers, or other fishing notes we have a public marker layer as well. Eventually this data may become useful for conservation and ecosystem restoration efforts!

By Anglers. For Anglers.


We aim to be on the forefront of technology and fly fishing. At Fly Fish Finder, we truly care for the environment we fish in, and for the fish we chase. Most fly anglers are like minded in this. As anglers ourselves and no stranger to the challenges this sport presents, we are excited about offering a tool that helps anglers Improve, Explore and ultimately Catch More fish at the end of the day.
fly fish finder smallmouth on the fly


As anglers we stand firm in the mindset that we all play a role in conservation. Taking care of the land, water and fish are crucial to protect the future of the sport. We will lead by example, support education for young anglers and partner with likeminded causes. Our organization currently commits a portion of pre-tax profits back to the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

Download the App

The mobile app is the most feature rich version. Whether you have an Android or iOS, we have you covered. Free to download. No long term commitments. Upgrade through our website to get the Premium Plan.

Improve. Explore. Catch More.

Know Before You Go

We are a community dedicated to the health and future of the local waters we fish. We commit to practicing healthy catch and release.

While we offer one of the most detailed map experiences available, by integrating our angler community feature, anglers can be confident while exploring. Access laws are always changing, and its impossible for mapping apps to remain up to date. Our solution? Creating an app where you as anglers can join and connect with anglers across the country, which has been a game changer for our users when trip planning and catching more fish.

Fish Streamers Like a Pro

Online Course Now Available!

Price: $100

Current Promo: $50

We’ve teamed up with Blue Line Co, River Ambassadors Media and a Biologist/fly angler to help you fish streamers like a pro. For a limited time we are running a 50% off sale on all purchases! We bring you a mix of HD instructional video and imagery as well as written content and helpful charts as we walk you through fishing streamers the right way, improve your hookup ratio and confidently put more fish in the net! Follow the link below for more details. We’ve teamed up with Blue Line Co to offer 20% off a 9 pack of their top rated streamers on all course purchases! The link and coupon code will be available in your dashboard after purchase. Course adapts to any size screen. Only offered on web version.


pick your plan

Choose from our plans below. No commitments. Cancel anytime. All future features will automatically be included in your premium subscription. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren’t satisfied we’ll make it right.

Forever Free

$ 0
  • Angler Bio
  • Trout Public Bridge Access
  • Non-Trout Public Bridge Access
  • Get Weather & Directions
  • Satellite and 3D Toggles
  • Topographic Layer
  • Free 7 day Premium trial available from Dashboard
  • Upgrade Anytime

Pro Access

$ 49
  • Everything in Basic
  • Species Filter (growing focus on more than trout)
  • Top Rated DNR Access Areas
  • Proprietary Trail Access Points
  • Nationwide Trails Filter
  • Nationwide Perennial Streams Mapped
  • 17,000 Trout Streams (more coming)
  • Easements
  • Stream Classifications (in works)
  • Nationwide Stream Gages and Realtime Data
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nationwide Public Lands Layer
  • Boat Ramps, Campsites, Trailheads
  • Unlimited in-app Chat (Mobile App)
  • Plus more!

Community + Basic

$ 19
  • Everything in Free
  • Profiles
  • Chat and Messaging

pick your plan

Choose from our plans here. No commitments. Cancel anytime. All future features will automatically be included in your premium subscription. 


  • Angler Bio
  • Trout Public Bridge Access
  • Non-Trout Bridge Access
  • Weather & Directions
  • Satellite and 3D Toggles
  • Free 7 day Premium Trial
  • Upgrade Anytime


$ 39
  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Species Filters (growing focus on more than trout)
  • Top Rated DNR Access Areas
  • Proprietary Trail Access Points
  • 17,000 Trout Streams (more coming)
  • Easements
  • Proprietary Stream Classifications (in works)
  • DNR Classifications (where available)
  • Nationwide Stream Gages and Realtime Data
  • Nearby Parking
  • Nationwide Public Lands Layer
  • Ramps, Trailheads, Campsites
  • Unlimited in-app Chat (mobile app)
  • And more!