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FlyFishFinder is pleased to present you with a course on streamer fishing. Fish Streamers Like a Pro offers streamer fishing techniques under the guise of fish ecology to give anglers a full view of the necessary tactics to employ when fishing streamers. Beginners and experienced anglers alike will be able to learn about fishing different bodies of water, necessary streamer patterns, casting and stripping techniques, and the predator-prey interaction of trout and baitfish that will allow you to catch more fish and consistently. Our course is presented visually by experienced anglers and authored by a biologist/angler to provide an engaging and meaningful experience for those taking the course. By integrating fish ecology into this course, we believe you will be able to “get into the mind of a fish” and anticipate not only where they will be and why, but also how to imitate their prey based on water conditions, time of day, season, and apparent fish behavior. Join us and learn how to fish streamers like a pro.

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Our courses are offered 100% online and can be taken from anywhere you have a WiFi connection. They are taught by industry professionals, with a mix of written content, visual imagery and videos as if we were on the water together. Currently courses are exclusively available on the Web. To get started with a Free account, or to learn more click below.

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