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Weekend Warriors to Lifestyle Anglers. Warmwater to Coldwater. Fly Fishing is for everyone. FlyFishFinder was designed by avid anglers committed to conservation and protecting public waters. We’ve devoted over 4,500 hours into this project and are the only app combining maps for hardcore anglers with community so you can grow your fishing network faster.

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One Membership for all 50 states + Bonus Features like Community Networking

We want anglers to actually improve and catch more fish doing it, not just find great spots.


Fly Fishing App Coming Soon

Over 35,000 Trout Streams and Counting

Nationwide Public Lands

Species Filtering

Angler Community

Realtime Stream Flows and Averages

flyfishfinder new app
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The #1 New Fly Fishing App

“This app goes way beyond what I’ve seen any other fishing app do today. The ability to find and reach out to other anglers in an app form is Priceless.” – Anonymous Beta Tester

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The Most Advanced Fishing Map Available

Trout, Bass, Steelhead & More

Over 200,000 Warmwater and Coldwater fisheries mapped. Anglers aren’t limited to one fish, so your app shouldn’t be either.

Public Access

Every parcel of public land available has been mapped, along with growing data on fishing easements and SWA’s.

2 Million POI's

Bridges, Trails, Campsites, Trailheads, Trail Access, Parking, Boat Ramps, Gages, Fly Shops and more all in a single map

Filters at Your Fingertips

Over 15 layers to filter all of the data you need to find your next great fishing spot near your backyard or across the country!


Similar to finding a vacation spot on Airbnb, our maps allow you to find the generic “home” pins of anglers to find local experts.


Make your own mark by researching and saving your data. Your data is always kept private.

We are a community dedicated to the health and future of the local waters we fish. We commit to practicing healthy catch and release.


Grow Your Fishing Network Faster

The Most Successful Anglers Have the Biggest Networks

From alpine lakes to tiny creeks. Our maps can help you locate new fishing areas fast, but we don’t stop there. What’s the common thread for the best anglers you know? Most of them have a ton of connections in the industry. They fish amazing places and put a ton of fish in the net. Now you can too!

Connect With Anglers Across The Country

Realtime Private Messaging

Comradery Is What Sets Fly Fishing Apart

Connect With Community.
Find New Fishing Buddies

Finding local expertise wherever you fish brings clarity to changing Access laws. No single app can keep up with all these updates. Finding legal access is tough and finding fish even tougher. Building your angler network is key in finding more success on the water and staying out of off limit areas.

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Traditionally fly fishing has been challenging to break in to. Our app is built around the fly community and has multiple intuitive tools to take your fishing to the next level. Get the FREE app today! 

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